A Portrait A Day 38 - Gina

girl face smiling big eyes watercolor portrait painting Watercolor on Arches CP 140lb, 9x12. Reference photo - Gina of Julia Kay's Portrait Party. Well...I'll keep my critique to myself (because I am typically my own worst critic). Definitely not my best. Had difficulties getting the features right and I think this is because with a 9x12" sheet, her face is actually larger than life size. So, I kept trying to move farther away from the painting to see the whole thing and there's only so far you can go while being able to paint at the same time. Ah well. This painting actually serves as a reminder to myself of the goals I had when I started the Portrait A Day project - particularly the goal of working fast and not caring too much about the outcome. Recently, I have been slowing down and spending way too much time on each painting. Not that I don't like the results, but I still think that it's important to try and do at least a little every day and get as far as possible with every painting in as little time as possible. And to not grow too attached to one of them :) My precious...

All that being said, I do like some areas in this portrait. I was fascinated by this girls' big eyes and so tried to make her right eye (the one on the left in the picture) the center of interest.

eye watercolor colorful detail painting