Cactus Flowers - watercolor on Yupo

There is a corner house in our neighborhood with a very nice and neat front yard, a fine example of successful desert landscaping.  A month or two ago, they had a blooming cactus plant (I wish I knew the name of that particular kind : /). Me and the cactus flowers liked each other at the first glance - and then the game started. When I passed them in my car or on a walk, I didn't have a camera on me. When I went there with the camera intending to take photos, the flowers closed or fell off or the light wasn't good enough...So, after weeks of hide-and-seek, I finally managed to snap a couple of pictures that were good enough to make a hyper-detailed painting. And then, during one of our local swap meets, I made this: cactus flowers watercolor on yupo

8.5x11". I like them...I am still planning on a larger painting with more of the plant shown but I'm not sure how to show the cactus spines without getting into too much detail.